GotSoccer sites for schedules and rankings:

Association schedulers may log into the GotSoccer website to update schedule information.

Scoring Errors

If you find a scoring error you must contact the scheduler for your home association.  The NMCSL scheduler and webmaster cannot fix scoring errors.

Reporting Scores

To enter your scores, you’ll need your pin number and game number:

  1. Dial 1-866-391-0662 and press 1 to enter your score or report scores online.
  2. Enter the numeric event ID  – 82638
  3. Enter your four-digit event pin number –  from your commissioner
  4. When prompted, enter the game number from your online schedule
  5. When prompted, enter the home and visitor scores

All scores must be entered within 48 hours. To view your online schedules and standings (and to get your game numbers) click on the online schedules link above.

Results from Previous Seasons