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1.1 The purpose of the Northern Mid-Cities Soccer League (NMCSL) shall be to coordinate and promote inter-association play for recreational youth soccer.


2.1 The league is comprised of the following associations:

  • (BAYFA) Birdville Area Youth Futbol Association
  • (BESA) Bedford-Euless Soccer Association
  • (CFBSA) Carrollton Farmers Branch Soccer Association
  • (CSA) Colleyville Soccer Association
  • (CYSA) Coppell Youth Soccer Association
  • (DSA) Denton Soccer Association
  • (EMSA) Eagle Mountain Soccer Association
  • (GLASA) Greater Lewisville Area Soccer Association
  • (GNWSA) Greater Northwest Soccer Association
  • (GSSA) Grapevine Southlake Soccer Association
  • (HUSA) Hurst United Soccer Association
  • (KSA) Keller Soccer Association
  • (LCSA) Lake Cities Soccer Association
  • (NFWASA) North Fort Worth Alliance Soccer Association
  • (TCRSA) Trophy Club Roanoke Soccer Association *New Name – Greater Northwest Soccer Association
  • (TCYSA) The Colony Youth Soccer Association

2.1.1 Cooke County Soccer Association (CKC) will submit teams through Denton Soccer Association (DSA) and DSA will host all CKC home games.

2.2 A quorum is defined as 2/3 of all associations recognized in NMCSL. By a quorum (two-thirds) vote of member associations, other associations may be invited to play in NMCSL, to participate with the same rights and privileges as the above member associations.

2.2.1 Associations wishing to join NMCSL must be sponsored by an existing member association.

2.2.2 Associations wishing to join NMCSL must make a presentation to the Presidents of member associations. They must present information including association by-laws, team formation guidelines, handling of A&D issues and policy on zero tolerance.

2.2.3 Voting in of new member associations may be done via electronic vote only after a physical meeting and presentation by the proposed new member association. Results of any electronic vote must be open ballot and each association vote must be made into public record.

2.2.4 Associations choosing to play in NMCSL agree to abide by all NMCSL rules and bylaws.

2.2.5 Attendance at each NMCSL meeting is required. If the president is not able to attend, they may appoint a delegate to attend on their behalf. Failure to attend may result in an A&D or other consequences.

2.3 Member associations or invited associations may be placed on probation or removed from playing league by majority vote of member associations present at meeting, as deemed necessary.

2.4 Member associations may withdraw from the Council (ref. section 4.1) prior to the SPRING  scheduling meeting FOR THE UPCOMING SOCCER YEAR by providing such notice in writing to the council.

2.5 Member associations committing to play their Fall season within NMCSL are therefore committing for the Spring season of the same soccer year.

2.5.1 Only in the event a team or teams are unable to form will this rule become null and void.

2.5.2 Any member association with less than ten (10) teams in NMCSL is not eligible to vote, unless all of that association’s NMCSL age teams are entered in NMCSL. They must however, abide by all rules and processes as set forth by the voting membership. Failure to comply will result in being placed on probation for a one year period.

2.5.3 Any member association who has altered a division after the games have been scheduled will incur a fee of $500.00 per team in question. A committee will be formed to review these situations. If deemed to pay the incurred fee must be paid before the next playing seasons’ scheduling meeting or that member association will not be allowed to participate within NMCSL until fee has been paid in full.


3.1 The United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA), North Texas State Soccer Association (NTSSA) administration rules, and the sponsoring associations By-Laws apply unless otherwise noted herein.

3.2 Registration

3.2.1 All players must be registered through their home associations.

3.2.2 Teams must be members in good standing of their home associations.

3.2.3 Recreational teams must be formed in accordance with their home association by-laws and NTSSA by-laws.


4.1 Northern Mid-Cities Soccer League; hereafter referred to as NMCSL. A council shall be formed to administer the NMCSL. A council shall govern the NMCSL with each member association entitled to one (1) representative and one (1) vote appointed by the member association and serving at its discretion. Representative present at council meetings will be empowered to vote for their association. Each member association shall have one vote and must be present to cast their vote (no Proxy votes).

4.2 The NMCSL council will meet on a regular basis. Meetings can be called by the chairperson or by a simple majority of the council members notifying the chairperson either by phone or in writing of the need for a meeting. Each member association president must be notified, in writing, of upcoming meetings with a minimum of ten (10) days notice.

4.2.1 Five (5) days notice of a meeting is acceptable if a previously scheduled meeting must be rescheduled or delayed due to lack of a quorum following the notice provided in Section 4.2

4.3 The league council shall have the authority to make decisions on playing rules that are not specifically addressed in these by laws.

4.4 All votes of the council require a simple majority vote of a quorum (two-thirds) of the council.


5.1 The Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Scheduler, Secretary, and Adult Commissioner shall provide administration for the league council and shall be elected at the first meeting in July every year by the council members present and serve for one (1) year, July 1 through June 30.

5.2 Chairperson – Responsible for the overall administration of the NMCSL and is empowered to take whatever prudent and reasonable action is necessary to accomplish this purpose with concurrence of majority council representatives at the next scheduled meeting. The chairperson is instructed to seek prior consent via telephone or in writing with member associations on controversial issues. Chairperson is responsible for final approval of the publication of league schedules for fall and spring.

5.2.1 Chairperson may not hold an elected position within a member association.

5.2.2 Chairperson shall have the authority to appoint an individual to fulfill the term of any open NMCSL board position.

5.3 Vice Chairperson – Serve as Chairperson of the NMCSL appeals and disciplinary (A&D) committee in accordance with NTSSA by-laws. Receive reports of misconduct from member association’s referees, maintain and report to member associations and NTSSA of teams misconduct points. Assist the chairperson in the accomplishment of his/her duties. Serve as chairperson in the absence of the chairperson.

5.4 Scheduler – Serve as focal point for Scheduling questions and issues. Scheduler will ensure that a proper schedule of events for each season is developed and distributed to all member associations.

5.4.1 Individual will work with member associations to create geographic boundaries or divisions for scheduling of games, as necessary. Suggestions will be provided to the NMCSL Presidents for ratification prior to the Fall Season, and adjustments may be made for Spring Season. Boundaries are to be presented not later than end of the prior season.

5.5 Secretary – Notify Council and Association members of meetings, keep minutes of all Council meetings and maintain telephone and address lists (council members, and member association contact info).


6.1 The Bedford-Euless Soccer Association, one of the member associations, will sponsor the NMCSL.

6.2 The sponsoring association will not be entitled to any additional votes, representatives or authority over the NMCSL.


7.1 By-Law Changes – changes to these by-laws must be submitted in writing by any member association representative.

7.2 By-law Acceptance – acceptance of these by-laws will be by quorum (two-thirds) vote of the ‘voting members’ present with at least one (1) month prior notice to allow comments by the member associations.

8 NMCSL League Rules

8.1 Purpose: To establish league rules as part of the Northern Mid-cities League by-laws.

8.2 Game Protest

8.2.1 Protests shall be handled according to the NMCSL League Rules with the right to appeal to the NMCSL A&D.

8.2.2 Appeals may be made to NTSSA according to their rules.

8.2.3 Only written protest received by the chairperson, vice-chairperson or secretary within five (5) days of the conclusion of the game will be considered. A written protest must be accompanied by a $75.00 cashier’s check or money order (made out to BESA), which will be refunded if the protest is upheld. If the protest is not upheld the money is turned over to the sponsoring association. There are only two acceptable causes for the protesting of a game after it has been played.

  1. A team knowingly plays an unregistered, ineligible or suspended player.
  2. There has been an obvious error made in the application of the laws of the game that directly affects the outcome of the match and the referee admits it. No protest can even be entertained if they are based on judgment decisions made by the referee during play. A game cannot be protested because a coach, or both for that matter, thinks the referee was incompetent.

8.3 Disciplinary Matters:

8.3.1 NMCSL A&D Committee The NMCSL appeals and disciplinary (A&D) committee shall consist of a minimum of four (4) representatives: In the event that the vice-chairperson’s league is involved the council chairperson will appoint an alternate A&D chairperson from the council representatives of the leagues.

  1. NMCSL Vice-chairperson, who votes only in the case of a tie.
  2. Three (3) representatives, chosen in accordance with, from member associations not involved in the matter before the A&D committee. A registered referee may be invited in an advisory capacity if the A&D committee chairperson wishes. At each scheduling meeting, each member association will provide two representative names to the NMCSL vice-chairperson to form the NMCSL A&D pool.

8.3.2 A&D Hearings A hearing that results from a player receiving an accumulation of yellow cards or a red card that warrants a hearing will be handled by the playing association for the player in question. For written complaints resulting in a hearing that involves teams from one association, the member association will have jurisdiction over the hearing. For written complaints resulting in a hearing that involves teams from different associations, NMCSL will hold jurisdiction over the hearing. NMCSL may elect, with concurrence of both associations, to allow either association to chair the hearing. If concurrence of both associations is not received, NMCSL will convene the hearing. NMCSL will investigate any complaints made to it and determine whether a hearing is necessary. NMCSL must receive written notification of all scheduled hearings regardless of which association chairs the hearing. NMCSL must receive written notification on the findings of the hearing. The chain of appeals process for hearings is as follows: If the member association hears the complaint, the appeals process shall be to the NMCSL. If the complaint is heard by NMCSL, the appeals process shall be to North Texas. All hearings must be conducted in accordance with NTSSA A&D procedures and by-laws. The offending association will pay all fees incurred. Actual receipts will accompany request. Fees for filing an appeal with NMCSL shall be set at $75 and shall be sent to the NMCSL A&D Chairperson The A & D chairperson shall notify the parties involved not less than 7 days prior to the A&D hearing in writing by certified mail return receipt. NMCSL endorses and supports the policy regarding violence, misconduct, and appeals of NTSSA. For hearings heard by the NMCSL A&D:

  1. The player or coach cautioned or ejected has the right to appear before the A&D committee. The committee shall base its decisions primarily upon the official’s written report to the committee.
  2. Only the coach or manager may represent a team at an A&D committee hearing. The coach is responsible for the behavior of his/her spectators and players. The A&D committee may at its discretion, hear other interested parties.
  3. The A&D committee shall make every effort to hold a hearing on any matter coming to its attention within ten (10) days of receipt of the official’s written report.
  4. Ejection of a coach or player requires automatic suspension for the next game played.
  5. FIFA rules allow the referee to issue cautions and ejections before, during, and after the game. State and national rules stipulate that any instances of alleged referee assault be refereed directly to NTSSA.
  6. NTSSA rule XII – Discipline shall be enforced and followed in all matters.

8.3.3 Ineligible Players If it is suspected at any time during the playing season that an ineligible player has participated in a league game, a meeting of the NMCSL A&D will be called. The A&D Chairperson will determine if the player in question was eligible or not. If it is determined that the player was ineligible, all games in which that player participated will be forfeited. His/her home association if applicable may, also discipline the coach of the team. All disciplinary action shall be in accordance with North Texas guidelines.


8.4.1 FIFA playing rules are applicable, with the exceptions provided for by USYSA, NTSSA, and these playing rules.

8.4.2 Officials NMCSL Bylaws Referees will be assigned and paid by the local association. Licensed United States Soccer Federation Officials are required. In emergency situations, North Texas rules shall apply.

8.4.3 Standings and Scoring Policy Standings are calculated on the following point system:

  • WIN = 3 points
  • TIE = 1 points
  • LOSS = 0 points
  • FORFEIT = 3 points (for non-forfeiting team)
  • GOALS are not part of the scoring system Keeping with the spirit of the game, if a team runs up the score by a differential of 8 goals, the coach will be referred to the home association.

8.4.4 Length of Games

Age Group Game Length U9 – U10: 50 minutes, 25 minute halves U11 – U12: 60 minutes, 30 minute halves U13 – U14: 70 minutes, 35 minute halves U15 – U16: 80 minutes, 40 minute halves U17-U19: 90 minutes, 45 minute halves

8.4.5 Game Ball To provide uniformity stitched balls only will be used as game balls. Each team will present the referee with a ball and the referee will choose which shall be used as the game ball.

8.4.6 Substitutions In NMCSL competition, substitutes will be allowed according to the USYSA Rules regarding ‘substitutions’.

  1. Substitutions shall be unlimited.
  2. Substitutions can be made, with the consent of the referee, at the following times:
  3. Prior to a throw-in, throwing team only
  4. Prior to a goal kick by either team
  5. After an injury by either team when the referee stops play
  6. Half time
  7. A player may be substituted after receiving a caution and before play has been restarted.
  8. After a goal is scored.

8.4.7 No substitution is allowed for a player ordered from the field of play (ejected) by the referee.

8.4.8 No player shall leave the field of play without consent of the referee

8.4.9 Nets Host association is responsible for providing nets and corner flags. Each team will put up and take down one net if required.

8.4.10 Players and Spectators Teams shall follow the rules of the host association for field position (home team is listed first on schedule).

8.4.11 All coaches, spectators, and players will stay within 10 yards of the halfway line and 5 feet back of touchline. Coach must have his ID lanyard at game time. Coaches that do not have their ID lanyard must present a photo ID (i.e. driver’s license) that matches their association roster. Coaches will not be allowed to coach without producing some form of identification. Coaches that do not have their ID lanyard will receive a one game sit out to be served at their next game. Associations shall attempt to provide photo ID’s to all coaches. If a photo ID is not provided by the home association, the referee should compare the coaches’ drivers’ license with the name on their ID to ensure they are one in the same. NMCSL Players U13 and above are required to present photo ID’s or “official” photo rosters prior to the start of every match. Players not having a photo id or listed on “official” photo rosters will not be allowed to play in the match.

8.4.12 Uniform Home team coaches are responsible for making sure that jersey colors do not conflict. The referee is the final judge of color conflict. All players are required to have proper uniforms, including numbers. Players without numbers will not be allowed on the playing field. EXCEPTIONS: a team shall be permitted to play without numbers (i.e. Tee shirts) if color conflict exists, provided that they have with them their numbered jerseys. At the beginning of each season it is understood that member associations may have problems with new uniform delivery and consideration should be given by referees.

8.4.13 Clean Up Each team must pick up its trash after the game.

8.4.14 Game and Misconduct Report Both teams must give game and Misconduct Reports to the referee prior to the start of the game. Home associations where games are played are responsible for collecting misconduct reports, regardless of offender. The association A&D for the HOME game records the information into the NMCSL data base. The system populates an Excel spreadsheet The spreadsheet can be used to generate reports and track repeat offenders. Access to the database and the reports shall be limited to NMCSL League Administrators (as defined in Section 5) and member association A&D’s. The NMCSL A&D is responsible to Ensure that association A&D’s recording and reporting the data timely Decide how red cards should be handled and communicate with association A&D’s Ensure that sit-outs are being enforced Provide regular reports for association information Facilitate hearings or provide guidance to association A&D’s to chair a hearing. Players requiring to sit out a game (red card, accumulation of yellow cards, etc.) must present themselves to the referee at the game in question. The coach must complete a sit-out verification form, have it signed by the referee, and mail it to the NMCSL A&D chairperson. Member associations will send all referee reports for ejections within 72 hours to NMCSL A&D. This is only for intra association play. Failure to do so could result in referee misconduct and will be reported to NTSSA.

8.4.15 Slide Tackling Slide Tackling in U8 and below is not allowed in any NMCSL games.

8.5 Foul Weather Procedures

8.5.1 In case of foul or inclement weather, the game field association shall make the decision if the games are to be played.

8.5.2 Each member association will provide a ‘rain out telephone number’ preferably with a recording. A list of these numbers will be provided to the coaches at the beginning of each season.

8.5.3 It is the coaches’ responsibility for contacting the rain out number and notifying their team.

8.5.4 After arrival but prior to the start of the game the hosting association has the authority to cancel or postpone games.

8.5.5 Ten minutes prior to the game the referee becomes the sole authority to determine if the game will be played, based upon field and weather conditions.

8.5.6 Games suspended due to weather and or field conditions after the start of the second half of play will be considered full games.

8.6 Forfeits

8.6.1 Number of players by age group: U8 – Maximum of 5, 1 of which is a goalie, minimum 4, 1 goalie U9 – Maximum of 8, 1 of which is a goalie, minimum of 6, 1 goalie U10 – Maximum of 8, 1 of which is a goalie, minimum of 6, 1 goalie U11 and up – Maximum of 11, 1 of which is a goalie, minimum of 7, 1 goalie

8.6.2 Teams not able to field the minimum number of players as defined in 8.6.1 within 10 minutes after the scheduled starting time or at any time during the game, shall forfeit the game. The opposing team is not required to play short.

8.6.3 The schedulers or the NMCSL Council shall only declare forfeits.

8.7 Scheduling of games and reschedules.

8.7.1 Reschedule Request Committee: Comprised of three named members approved by the NMCSL Member Presidents prior to the Fall schedule meeting. Chairperson shall act as an approved alternate in situations where a named member is unavailable.

8.7.2 Guidelines: Member associations will name a dedicated person to submit all requests to the Reschedule Committee. Member associations will submit the request to the NMCSL Secretary, with copy to NMCSL Chairperson, who will forward to all members of the Reschedule Committee. Request must be submitted one week prior to the scheduled game. No requests will be accepted if submitted less than one week prior to the scheduled game. Reschedule committee may discuss the request either by phone, in person, or email. Reschedule committee will vote on the on the request and forward results to NMCSL Secretary and Chairperson within 48 hours of email notification from NMCSL Secretary Results of the vote will be returned to the Member association by NMCSL Secretary. Copy of email from NMCSL Chairperson will serve as proof to other associations that reschedule was approved

8.7.3 Reschedule Requests Requests will be submitted using the NMCSL Game Reschedule Request form Reschedules are only granted for teams unable to make minimum player requirements for reasons due to unforeseen religious or school events No request will be accepted if submitted less than one week prior to scheduled game

8.7.4 Rainout Reschedules Member associations will provide their reschedule game date and time to the visiting association and obtain a response within 48 hours. Visiting associations may request one alternate date if a known conflict exists but must accept one of the two provided dates within 48 hours. If both dates provide a conflict, the above reschedule guidelines must be followed and will be enforced.

8.7.5 All non-weather related game schedule requests must be submitted to the NMCSL Reschedule Committee no later than halfway through the season (by game 4 for an 8 game season, game 5 for a 10 game season)

8.7.6 Any games requiring rescheduling due to weather or other conflict with less than 2 weeks remaining in the season will not be mandatory and will only be rescheduled if both member associations can accommodate. (i.e. a rainout occurs for a game the 2nd to last weekend of the season)

8.7.7 A minimum of eight (8) games guaranteed per season weather permitting

8.8 Referee No-Show

8.8.1 If both teams (U9 and above) are at the field to play a match and the referee does not show, the game will be rescheduled at the ‘visitors’ home field with the ‘original home team’ responsible for paying the referee(s) at that rescheduled game. Schedulers of the teams involved shall do rescheduling of game.

8.8.2 If both teams (U8 and below) are at the field to play a match and the referee does not show, each coach will referee half of the game. The game will not be rescheduled because of no referee.

8.9 Misconduct

8.9.1 Each team is responsible for the conduct of its spectators, the coach, assistant coach, or team manager is expected to control his/her spectators. All playing associations are required to adhere to the NTSSA Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics as outlined in Chapter 11 of the NTSSA by-laws.

8.9.2 The harassment of players on the opposing team, verbal communication, physical force, or physical sign language will not be tolerated.

8.9.3 Any violation of the rule will be dealt with by NTSSA per their by-laws.